Write a Grandma Statement!

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For decades, companies have proudly displayed their corporate mission statements on their websites and annual reports. However, these statements often go unnoticed. They have complicated language and corporate jargon, making it challenging for people to grasp a clear understanding of the business’s objective.

As a former top-producing mortgage professional and seasoned entrepreneur, I have coached many people on the value of simplicity in their communication. That’s where the concept of a grandma statement comes in. So, what exactly is a grandma statement? It’s a concise, straightforward description of what you do, that even your grandma would understand it!

I first encountered the power of the grandma statement from a friend of mine. He was a millennial entrepreneur who crafted one for his independent insurance agency. They did not delve into lengthy explanations about what made his company stand out from mainstream brands. But, he and his team distilled their purpose, focus, and direction into just three words: “Do Insurance Better.”

Much the same way, having a mortgage grandma statement for your business can be a game-changer for your brand. It serves as a clear beacon, letting everyone know your purpose, focus, and direction. This simple statement becomes the driving force behind your choice of referral partners, the implementation of marketing efforts, and the delivery of exceptional customer service.

Crafting a compelling grandma statement requires thoughtful consideration of your core values and unique selling propositions. It should resonate with your target audience and convey what sets you apart from competitors in the mortgage industry. For example, a grandma statement for a mortgage professional should be direct. Making Homeownership Dreams RealityBuilding Wealth with Real Estate, or Empowering Financial Futures.

Once you have your grandma statement in place, it becomes the guiding light for your brand strategy. It helps you stay focused and aligned with your goals, ensuring that every aspect of your business revolves around your core purpose. Whether you are networking with potential referral partners, launching marketing campaigns, or interacting with clients, your grandma statement should be the compass that steers your actions.

The simplicity of a grandma statement enhances your brand’s memorability. It allows people to easily recall what you do and how you can add value to their lives. This kind of clarity is particularly valuable in a world where attention spans are limited. Information overload is a constant challenge. By distilling your purpose, focus, and direction into a concise and understandable statement, you create a powerful tool for building your brand.

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