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The Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast helps mortgage, and similarly real estate professionals, build more efficient businesses. Our focus is to help you create and convert more opportunities through effective marketing. As a result, pipelines grow and become more profitable. Most importantly you will have time to help your clients and focus on other priorities outside of business. MME podcast is hosted by Phil Treadwell. He interviews some of the most sought-after experts as they share first-hand advice on how to they grew. 

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The Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast wants to help you build your business! Mortgage and real estate professionals are using technology and social media to create new opportunities. However, you still have to combine those with tried-and-true practices. Top producers show us that nothing can replace building business through relationships, and today’s market offers more opportunities for you to create those relationships. Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast believes sales and marketing are different skills. Marketing skills help you get someone’s attention. Sales skills are what helps you turn them into a customer. We continually commit to sharing useful content for you to have both.

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