The ABC’s of Networking

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As kids, one of the very first songs we learn is the ABC song. A, B, C, D… It’s such a simple tune, yet it holds a valuable lesson. The song shows kids that things they initially perceive as complicated can actually be as simple as reciting the alphabet. For mortgage professionals, networking with others can also be that straightforward. There’s no need for a complicated routine or formula to meet new people. Networking is simply the art of turning strangers into acquaintances and acquaintances into friends.

The first step in this process is to create a list of everyone you know, even if your connection with them is faint. Once you have your list, categorize individuals into A, B, or C. A-list people are those closest to you, such as your family and your closest friends. The ones you can count on in any situation. B-list individuals are acquaintances and those with whom you’ve had some level of interaction or even done business before. They are people you know but haven’t yet formed a deep bond with. On the other hand, C-list people are essentially strangers. They might be potential referral partners you’ve identified but haven’t met in person, or even your neighbors whom you haven’t had a chance to greet properly.

With your list in hand, the next steps are simple and effective. Your goal is to find ways to interact with or meet the people on your C-list so that they move up to your B-list. This can involve attending industry events where you know they’ll be present, reaching out to them through social media, or even initiating a friendly hello to your neighbor you’ve never formally met. The idea is to take the initiative to build connections.

Once they transition to your B-list, it’s time to focus on nurturing these relationships. Interacting on social media, inviting them for coffee or drinks, or simply finding opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations. These are all excellent ways to deepen the connection. Remember, building relationships takes time and effort, so be patient and genuine in your approach.
People naturally prefer doing business with those they like and trust. By turning strangers into acquaintances and acquaintances into friends, you indirectly expand your business through a larger social circle from which you can receive referrals. Trust and confidence are the cornerstones of any successful business relationship, and these attributes grow stronger when relationships are fostered organically.

Networking isn’t about relentlessly pitching your services or products; it’s about building rapport and understanding each other’s needs. Remember that genuine connections take time to develop, so be patient and authentic in your interactions. As your social circle grows and trust is established, you’ll find that your business thrives through a network of loyal friends and satisfied clients, all of whom are happy to refer your services. So, go ahead and start networking with confidence—it’s as easy as A, B, C!

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