The Difference Between Marketing and Sales

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The corporate world is full of titles: VP of this, Director of that. Many of the more ambiguous titles given to those in sales and marketing positions.  Prior to the start of my mortgage career I was a corporate recruiter for a trucking company.  Instead of ‘recruiter’ they said to use the title ‘driver placement’ while on the phone with drivers.  In the mortgage industry, recruiters commonly use titles related to business development.  The title itself is a marketing tactic.  It’s less threatening while you are trying to get someone’s attention.

Marketing is a balance between trust and attention.  I could post a video of myself on social media lighting myself on fire to get a lot of people to watch, but that doesn’t mean they will trust anything I have to say.  In fact it may very well do the opposite.  On the other hand, I could be one of the most trusted mortgage professionals in my community, but if no one knows about me I still can’t grow my business.  Marketing is only successful if it gets people to know you and like you. Only then can you go deeper and get them to trust you.

Marketing gets someone’s attention, it’s sales that makes them a customer. Once you have the intended audience’s attention and create trust, only then can you give an effective call to action. That call to action is what leads to actually leads to a sale. If you create content with too many calls to action, it will simply be seen as a commercial. With too many commercials, people will likely change channel.

Most people think they are marketing when really all they are doing is selling.  I recently did a podcast episode with Gary Vaynerchuk. He makes the distinction that attention should be interpreted as relevance. You have to create content and market yourself to an intended audience in a relevant way or you will likely fall flat.  Post relevant content on social media.  Send out emails that people actually want to read. Have real conversations while making sales calls. Only then should you focus on sales go in for the close.

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