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The corporate world is full of titles: VP of this, Director of that.  Many of the more ambiguous titles given to those in sales and marketing positions.  Prior to the start of my mortgage career I was a corporate recruiter for a trucking company.  Instead of “Recruiter” they said to use the title “Driver Placement” while on the phone with drivers.  In the mortgage industry, recruiters commonly use titles related to “Business Development”.  Why do companies use titles like these?  The title itself is a marketing tactic, because it’s less threatening while you are trying to get someone’s attention.

Where many people struggle with marketing is the balance between trust and attention, and it’s often confused with sales.  I could post a video of myself on social media lighting myself on fire (or eating a Tide pod) and get people’s attention, but that doesn’t mean they will trust anything I have to say.  In fact it may very well do the opposite.  On the other hand, I could be one of the most trusted business people in my community, but if no one knows about me I can’t grow my business.  Marketing is only successful if it creates enough trust to lead to a sale.  Sales is about making a customer.

Mortgage professionals will have a much easier time building their business if they stop confusing marketing and sales.  Many loan originators are trying to make a customer before they’ve taken time to create a balance of trust and attention.  Post relevant content on social media, send out emails that people want to read, have real conversations while making sales calls; only then should you go in for a close.

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