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For decades companies have proudly displayed their corporate mission statements on the masthead of their company websites and at the front of their annual reports.  Most of us pay little or no attention to what they say, because they often have run-on sentences full of corporate jargon.  Instead of a clear, simple description of a business, they have gotten complicated and lost a business’s objective.

As a former top-producer and long-time mortgage industry veteran, I coach originators to consider the grandma statement.  What is a grandma statement?  A description of what you do that’s so simple, even your grandma will understand it!

My first exposure to this grandma trend was a few years ago when a friend, and millennial entrepreneur, created one for his independent insurance agency.  Instead of trying to explain the difference between his company and mainstream brands, he and his team crafted a statement that explains their purpose, focus, and direction in three words:  Do Insurance Better.

Just like in this example having a “mortgage grandma statement” let’s everyone know what your purpose, focus, and direction is also.  It clarifies your objectives in choosing referral partners, implementing marketing efforts, and providing great customer service.  This is an important step in building your brand and setting yourself apart from your competition.

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