These are the technology providers that I recommend and use everyday:

lately logo

Lately is an AI based platform that turns your long-form content into social media posts. First-class analytics of your social profiles & scheduled posting across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

daily ai

Daily AI is a mortgage CRM that combines automation, task management & workflows.  Integrate your LOS, email & contacts to create drip campaigns that also allow ringless voicemail & text messages with incredible scheduling capabilities.

soundupnow logo

SoundUp is a podcast & Alexa flash briefing hosting platform.  It has built-in recording & editing software, audiogram creation integrations, and a mobile app to record & release episodes directly from you mobile device.

Zubtitle logo

Zubtitle is a very easy-to-use video editing software to create captions, headlines, progress bars, and much more. You can resize videos for all social platforms, and get transcription .srt files to use as well.

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Canva Pro is a social media & graphics design platform that allows you to design faster with smarter editing features and access to millions of images. You can effortlessly create designs, logos & templates.

calendly logo

Calendly is a scheduling platform that integrates your calendar and allows anyone who has your custom link to schedule different meeting types in your calendar.  With dozens of integrations it’s one of the hardest working platforms I use!


Zoom is the second thing I use the most behind Calendly (which it integrates with seamlessly btw).  The free version is best for most people, but the Pro version allows you to go FB & YouTube live and hold webinars.


Evernote is the best note taking app in the world.  You can use it on your mobile device, through the app, or online. You can organize notes into folders & notebooks, paste full images, and share them with others.