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If you are in the mortgage industry you have probably been to home shows or business expos where companies bring in giveaway items by the truck load, literally. We typically walk away with bags full of free stuff, most of which will see the bottom of a trash can by the end of the day.

A couple of years ago I was rummaging through the proverbial “junk drawer” and found a wine opener that I got at one of these events. Like everyone in the mortgage business does when they find a wine opener…I went ahead and used it to open a bottle of wine… I liked using it, so it graduated from the junk drawer to the kitchen utensil drawer, and has since become our wine opener of choice.

Recently I saw a mortgage company logo that was extremely familiar, but I couldn’t remember why I recognized it. I remember thinking it was a good company, but I didn’t have a specific reason why I thought so. Then it came to me, I had been using a wine opener with their logo on it for years!

The wine opener was high-quality and extremely useful, and I had subliminally made the parallel that the company was too. I can’t tell you any of the company names on the hundreds of pens, pads, plastic cups, and stress balls I have been given over the years, but I remember the one from that wine opener.

Be original with your promo item choices, people want to keep things that are useful. Spending a little extra on quality items could mean the difference between someone seeing your logo in the trash and creating a lasting impression for your brand.

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