Mortgage Marketing

Having a coach or mentor is allowing someone to take their own experience and convey it to you as widsom.  Much of what I've been able to accomplish in my professional life is a direct result of that.

Social Media

The mortgage industry is way behind other industries in utilizing social media.  Not only for brand awareness and content creation, but also in lead generation and marketing.  Social media presents is one of the biggest opportunities in the mortgage business today.  Many mortgage professionals put generic or unfocused content on their website and social media profiles that simply isn't noticed.  Instead providing engaging and informative content will create value for the audience and in turn build awareness for a brand!

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Lead Generation

It's important to understand not only where leads come from, but how to continually create more.

  • Developing a brand to differentiate from others
  • Finding a niche in the market to focus effort on
  • Creating effective long-term relationships
  • Leveraging marketing platforms efficiently

These are just a few parts of the Mortgage Multiplier method of generating leads that will compound your effort, effectiveness & efficiency.


Everyone has heard Benjamin Franklin's quote, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,"  yet many mortgage professionals still struggle to grow because they don't have one. Without being specific with the type, frequency, and intended audience of your marketing efforts, all of the effectiveness is lost.  Marketing is getting someones attention, sales is creating a customer.  Don't lose the opportunity to create a customer by not having a plan to get their attention.

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Whether a Harvard education or a degree from the school of hard knocks, the amount of success people have is largely determined by their ability to keep learning new things.

Mortgage Multiplier

The definition of a multiplier: an instrument for intensifying some result.  Mortgage Multiplier is a method to intensify the 3 E's: Effort, Effectiveness, & Efficiency.


Marketing has to be done all of the time.  Put social media and digital marketing on auto-pilot so that focus can be placed on constantly building relationships.


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