Highlands surpasses $1B in 2016

Understanding how much a billion actually is can be more difficult than we think.  We can easily visualize a thousand, and maybe even wrap our mind around a million, but a thousand-millions..?  To help, think in terms of $100 bills.  On TV we see those little bundles of $100’s about an inch thick, those equal $10,000.  You could put 100 of those bundles in a suitcase and wheel around $1 million, but to get to $1 billion you have to think in terms of wooden pallets and forklifts.  If you took those $10,000 bundles and filled a pallet 3-4 feet high, it would take you more than 12 pallets to hold $1 Billion!

Our team at Highlands Residential Mortgage has been working hard to close home loans for customers in retail branches all over the country.  Yesterday those efforts helped achieve another milestone as we surpassed the $1 Billion mark for funded mortgage loans in 2016!  It is a HUGE accomplishment for any company, but especially one that was essentially formed in mid 2013.

The vision at Highlands Residential Mortgage is to be the world’s most respected mortgage brand, and to set a higher standard of lending.  After 75% growth in 2014 and again in 2015, Highlands has realized another goal eclipsing $1 Billion in 2016 while completing another banner year.  As we continue to hire today’s best and brightest industry talent, and providing a service level that’s second to none, the $1 Billion mark isn’t a destination: it’s just the beginning!

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